Being part of an actors’ co-operative is an extremely rewarding experience and suited to truly proactive actors who want to have control of their career.

An actors’ co-operative is an agency in which the clients are the agent. When not acting, clients commit their time (currently about three days a month) to working from our office. Here they submit fellow clients for auditions, take calls from casting professionals, negotiate contracts and play a vital part in marketing our clients and our business to the industry.

Choosing an actors’ co-operative over a conventional agency makes you part of a supportive and exciting community of committed and talented artists. You will, in your office role, develop relationships with casting professionals and learn how to take your career and the career of other clients in the right direction.

At Bridges we generally only consider actors who have been professionally trained or who have extensive professional experience. We are always keen to see potential clients at work, so if you would like to be considered please invite us to your production. We hold auditions twice a year to recruit new clients.

If you are interested in joining us please send us an email us here with a link to your Spotlight CV and a copy of your showreel, as well as a brief explanation of why you would like to join a co-operative.

After consideration, we may invite you to audition for a selection of our team. Please note that we cannot consider applications from artists whose casting type clashes with current clients, so please review our Actors page before submitting your information.

There are also financial commitments (Stakeholder Donation, Commission etc.) which assist with the day to day running costs and marketing of the agency. For more detailed information about this please give us a call at the office